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Döner Men Truck to Hit the Streets Tomorrow

Photo: Döner Men

The German street food-inspired truck Döner Men will make its debut tomorrow at noon at the University of Chicago campus. Get your currywurst and döner kebab fix as well as a sip of Club-Mate, a German natural energy drink that is only sold a few places in the United States.

"June is a big experimental month," co-owner Shawn Podgurski says. "We're going to go out a couple times a week and try out different spots, and we've got some secret spots we've been thinking of trying."

The next scheduled appearance will be a late-night excursion on June 14 at Maria's Packaged Goods & Community Bar in Bridgeport. "We're going to try to do late night in conjunction with certain bars that don't have food," he says.

Besides döner kebabs, a Turkish-German fusion "like chicken shawarma with tons of seasonal salad toppings," and currywurst, a sausage topped with a tomato curry sauce, the Döner Men plan to incorporate street food from other countries into their rotating menu. Right now they have their eye on recreating a banana 'ketchup' from the Philippines.

While the wildly popular European döner kebabs and currywurst will be menu staples, the sausages will rotate occasionally.

"Chicago has such a reputation for sausage and meats so using just one wouldn't be taking advantage of our surroundings," Podgurski says.

Even though the hand-painted truck hasn't yet hit the streets, it's already been nominated for best designed food truck in the country from
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—Aubre Andrus