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Vettel Praises Japonais by Morimoto's Food; Knocks Its Fawning Attention

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The Japonais by Morimoto shochu bar
The Japonais by Morimoto shochu bar
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Phil Vettel visits Japonais by Morimoto and, despite wishing that the Iron Chef had "gotten here sooner," doles out two stars and says that the "serious diner" will find much to love at the River North hotspot. After touching on the noticeable changes in comfort to the dining room, the Chicago Tribune critic highlights the sushi bar in particular, praising the "pristine-quality seafood and not-the-usual-suspects offerings." Vettel advises readers to listen to the sushi chefs and "to order anything they take the time to mention."

Despite having "seven entrees too many," he does find a few "sweet choices," including a braised black cod, as well as the sea urchin carbonara. A seven-course tasting menu featuring signature items from Morimoto is also recommended along with Western-leaning desserts.

Vettel ends his review noting that he seemed to have been found out as a restaurant critic during one of his visits, saying that special attention and a noticeably better level of service than was given other diners ended his dinner on an "uncomfortable" note.
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Japonais by Morimoto

600 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL

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