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Sodikoff and Four Corners Group Going Mexican in the West Loop

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Two of the busiest hospitality groups are joining forces in perhaps the trendiest area in Chicago. Brendan Sodikoff and Four Corners Tavern Group (Benchmark, Trellis, Gaslight, Castle) are planning a restaurant, bar, and food shop for an empty lot across the street from the Morgan Green Line stop. Crain's reports that it will be Mexican concept, focusing on barbacoa and a bodega.

Four Corners director Ryan Indovina calls the project a joint venture, saying Sodikoff "is the driving force in the food and cocktails" while Four Corners will help with operations and buildout. The restaurant will be built from the ground up, and when its finished an L-shaped building will house different areas while an outdoor space will fill the corner for summer use. Karen Herold of Studio K is handling the design.

"Four Corners is evolving and we want to work with the best people," Indovina says. They're targeting the opening for spring 2015.
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1001 W. Lake St., Chicago, IL

1001 W. Lake St., Chicago, IL