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Meet Whiskey Trust, Spin's Replacement in Boystown

[Photos: Marc Much]

Well, that was fast. New ownership has already flipped Spin, the gateway to Boystown, from a party spot known for shower shows into a whiskey and small plates bar full of faded walls, leather couches, and a beer garden.

Opening tomorrow, Whiskey Trust is in many ways the polar opposite of Spin. Look around the space below and decide for yourself if that's a good thing. Chloe's, the nightclub next door, is not pictured.

· Boystown Landmark Spin Shutters to Make Way For a Whiskey Distillery and Nightclub [-ECHI-]
· Whiskey Trust Tavern and Distillery [Facebook]

Whiskey Trust

3206 N Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 857-0793