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An Asian-Latino Taco Spot Opens in Roscoe Village

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Photo: Si Fu Chino Latino Kitchen

Folks in Roscoe Village got brief sneak peeks at a new Asian-Latino fusion taco spot this weekend, starting this past Friday when Si Fu Chino Latino Kitchen opened its doors for a few hours in the afternoon. The latest restaurant from Li Hien Trinh (Banh Mi & Co.) and Marc Wuenschel (Hutch) offers guests a customizable menu experience with regards to protein (options include cilantro lime chicken, tempura shrimp, and lemongrass tofu). Other dishes include stir fry, burritos, sopa, egg rolls, empanadas and more (see the menu in full below).

Si Fu has an interior as colorful and discordant as its menu suggests. The Asian and Hispanic tchotchke on display in the restaurant show the lively spirit behind the menu, which allows customers the chance to get tacos "Chino" style (pickled daikon, carrots, etc.) or "Latino" style (onions, cilantro, lime) on either soft or crunchy corn tortillas.

You can see what Si Fu Chino Latino Kitchen has in store now—they opened for their first full service at 11:00 a.m.

· Si Fu Chino Latino Kitchen [Official Site]

Si Fu Chino Latino Kitchen

2116 W. Roscoe, Chicago, IL 60618