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Chicago's Food Community Reacts to Hot Doug's Closing

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Today, owner Doug Sohn of Chicago's sausage superstore, Hot Doug's, shockingly announced a future closing date this morning. Chicago's culinary elite reacted swiftly to the news, such as this tweet from Graham Elliot:

Eater reached out to other chefs and restaurateurs, read their reaction below.

Nick Kokonas: "My only thought is that it's never easy to know when is when, but you might as well go out on top. Smart people do that. I wish him well."

Rick Bayless: "Doug made hot dogs modern, and in doing so he also made Chicago more modern. It's no coincidence that people started paying more attention to Chicago's food after he opened."

Chris Pandel: "I'm happy for Doug but selfishly pissed. I wish him only the best and a huge thank you for serving delicious food for all these years."

Matthias Merges: "Doug Sohn has been a chef's chef since he opened. A place that cooks and restaurant industry folks have gathered for unpretentious food in a low key environment. Hot Doug's will be missed!"

Donnie Madia: "Hot dogs in Chicago have been the true staple for years and years. Then along comes Doug from Hot Doug's and they changed the game forever! I just ate there last week and I had the most delicious charred polish. His culinary hot dog stand will be greatly missed."

Jason Vincent: "In the words of Rick Manning..."timing is the key to life."

Kevin Boehm: "I'm surprised! Few people in this world go out on top. Jerry Seinfeld, Rocky Marciano and Doug Sohn! Sad that he is going but I'm sure his next adventure will be equally great."

Brendan Sodikoff: "I think it's great. Have a ton of respect for people who know their limits and have the courage to try new things when the time feels right."

Tony Mantuano: "Hot Doug's is my go-to spot after any trip to the WGN studios. Lots of good memories. It will be missed."

David Posey: "While I'm sad to see them close, good for them to go out on top."

Curtis Duffy: "Well it looks like I will have to finally get there then."

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Hot Doug's

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