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Crumbs Crumbling?; Coffee Guru Killed by Coffee Machine; More

GOLD COAST/THE LOOP—Crumbs Bake Shop is reportedly facing tough times. After taking a big hit in 2013, the cupcake chain's accountants are doubting whether the company can continue. Locally, only two Crumbs stores are left after the River North location shuttered. [Crain's]

GRANT PARK—Jim Karr, a local coffee expert, SteamVolt founder and former Intelligentsia director of brewing technology, died over the weekend when a large coffee machine fell on him. [Sun-Times]

EVERYWHERE—"Spinning Plates," the documentary co-starring Grant Achatz, is now available on DVD and streaming via Netflix. [EaterWire]

CHINATOWN—Need more proof that ramen is extremely trendy? Strings Ramen Shop sold its 30,000th bowl last night. Strings opened in February. [EaterWire]
Crumbs Madison Street [Photo: Crumbs]