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Boystown Landmark Spin Shutters to Make Way For a Whiskey Distillery and Nightclub

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The "gateway to Boystown" will soon be home to two new concepts. Spin, the longstanding nightclub and lounge on the corner of Belmont and Halsted, announced via its Facebook page over the holiday weekend that it's closed down. It will become two new concepts—a whiskey distillery/eatery named Whiskey Trust and a nightclub named Chloe's, according to people involved with the project.

Whiskey Trust will open first, hopefully in time for gay pride festivities, and will have a "saloon feel," craft cocktails and small-plates menu. Chloe's, a night club and dance hall with "world class lighting and sound system," will go into the north end of the building later in the summer. The large 9,000 square-foot space also includes an outdoor area that will be used as a shared 150-seat garden.

Spin was beloved by the LGBT community for its Friday night shower shows, celebrity appearances, dance parties and cheap drinks.
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[Photo: Chicago Bar Project]

Whiskey Trust

3206 N Halsted St., Chicago, IL 60657 (773) 857-0793


800 W. Belmont, Chicago, IL