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Rahm Proposes Plan for More Food Truck Stands

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Photo: AP

Chicago continues to inch towards catching up with other cities' food truck scenes. Rahm Emanuel proposed a plan in Chicago City Council yesterday that calls for five more food truck stands around the city, all in downtown areas.

While the addition of stands were a part of the food truck ordinance passed in July 2012, many food trucks were upset with the lack of locations downtown. Click through below to see the proposed locations, which are still not allowed to be within 200 feet of a brick-and-mortar restaurant.

Chicago's food truck laws have drawn the ire of food truck owners and fans around the city; most recently the Schnitzel King blamed the laws for the shuttering of both its truck and storefront. Some progress has been made, including many now cooking on board after The Salsa Truck broke that ice. Is this proposal as a step in the right direction?

Proposed Stand Locations:

· 200 S. LaSalle St. (Loop)
· 151 N. Franklin St. (Loop)
· 185 N. Upper Columbus Dr. (Lake Shore East)
· 105 E. Monroe St.(Millennium Park)
· 300 S. Wabash Ave. (DePaul Loop Campus)

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