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OREO Snack Hacks Get Clever with the Cookie

Who knew you could use a pepper mill grinder to crush OREO cookies and sprinkle them over ice cream? Or, that you could make delicious ice cubes by freezing milk and crushed up OREO cookies in ice trays for your Saturday morning coffee? OREO Snack Hacks are simple and unexpected ways to enjoy the classic cookie. And, now OREO has teamed up with ink. and ink.sack chef and owner Michael Voltaggio, food truck revolutionary and Kogi co-founder Roy Choi and young gun Nguyen Tran of Starry Kitchen to remix OREO with other foods to reveal their most clever food Snack Hacks yet. Think: Golden OREO-crusted chicken tenders, OREO tortilla chips with strawberry salsa, OREO bread pudding and, even an OREO shandy.

Head this way to see all of the OREO Snack Hacks. Or, if you've got your own, share it here.

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