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The Reader Praises Spritz Burger's Dessert & Cocktail Menu

Spritz Burger
Spritz Burger
Photo: Marc Much

Spritz Burger's "undersalted" beef burgers with "frequently unstable toppings" are the restaurants biggest problems according to The Reader's Mike Sula. He states that the reconcepted restaurant "feels little different from Hearty."

The turkey burger is a bright note on Dan Smith's menu, with the reviewer finding it to have "the most character" and reminding him "of Thanksgiving under its melted Havarti and apple-ginger chutney." But things swing backwards again with a "dry, tough brisket" and a "floury, oversauced mac 'n cheese topped with crumbled Cheetos," which indicates "pervasively poor execution."

Promise, however, is found in both Steve McDonagh's cocktail menu and Gale Gand's desserts. Sula recommends the $9 trio option for dessert and on the drinks says that "this is one of the more likably contrarian cocktail programs in the city right now."
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Spritz Burger

3819 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60613 773-868-9866 Visit Website


3819 N Broadway Street, Chicago, IL 60613 773 868 9866