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Promontory Opening in Early Summer; Speed Rack on Sunday; More

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HYDE PARK—The Promontory is finally coming soon. Signified by a liquor license application and the participation in an upcoming fundraiser, partner Bruce Finkelman says it's now targeted to open in early summer. Chef Jared Wentworth and beverage director Will Duncan will cater the KAM Isaiah Israel Gala on April 26, the same event where Matthias Merges previewed A10 last year. Tickets start at $150. [EaterWire/DNAinfo]

LOGAN SQUARE—Speaking of Matthias Merges, head to Yusho on Tuesday for a sake tasting with the owners of The Floating World Sake Imports, paired with Harold Jurado bites, for $45. Merges also opened Yusho in Las Vegas yesterday. [EaterWire]

NEAR NORTH—Speed Rack, the all-female bartending competition, is back on Sunday for another round. Head to Joe's Bar to sample the drinks and watch last year's champ Liz Pearce defend her crown. Tickets cost $20 in advance, $25 at the door. [EaterWire]
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The Promontory

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