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Homegrown Cafe, the Former Chalkboard, Closing Sunday

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This weekend is the end of the line for Gilbert Langlois' longtime restaurants on the North Center/Lincoln Square border, Chalkboard and Homegrown Cafe. Langlois, who ran the restaurants for nearly eight years, announced the decision to close the place for good on the restaurant's Facebook page.

"It is with full hearts that we announce that this weekend will be the final weekend of service at Homegrown Cafe," he writes. "The time has come for owners Chef Gilbert Langlois and Elizabeth Laidlaw to pursue new ventures and opportunities."

Langlois built a steady following in the neighborhood over the years. He closed Chalkboard last July to spend more time with his family, reopening it as a daytime spot, Homegrown Cafe, roughly a month later. This weekend is your final opportunity to eat his food in the space.
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[Photo: Facebook]

Homegrown Cafe/Chalkboard

4343 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL