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Cookie Monster Fashion; Macy's Flower Show; More

Here are the latest style bites from Curbed's shopping blog, Racked Chicago.

market--owners.jpg Photo: Market Supply Co. by Tori Telfer

PILSEN—As part of our "Spring Forward" series, we popped by Market Supply Co. to see what's trending this season. What we found? Crochet, bold patterns, and orange—for men.

EVERYWHERE—This week, we debuted our new series "What I Wore." The concept is pretty simple: we want to feature locals wearing cool things to cool places. So send us your snaps, and use this cookie-monster look to get inspired.

THE LOOP—Macy's in hosting its annual Flower Show through April 6. To celebrate, the six designers of the Chicago Fashion Incubator stitched up dresses inspired by flowers. The results are rather enchanting.