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After Closing OON, Matt Eversman Lands in Lakeview at Crosby's Kitchen

Photo: Timothy Hiatt/Matt Eversman

Chef Matt Eversman has gone from running his own restaurant under the bright lights of Restaurant Row to cranking out American comfort food on Southport—and he seems quite content with the move. Eversman, the former chef/owner of the shuttered OON, is now the executive chef at Crosby's Kitchen, a restaurant he used to frequent for brunch.

"It's nice to get back to cooking and be a chef again," says Eversman. "I lost some of that during the craziness of opening my own place."

Eversman, the former Saigon Sisters exec chef who's now getting away from cooking Asian food for the first time in years, says he's staying at Crosby's Kitchen for the long term and is only slightly tweaking the menu. "The restaurant has been doing pretty well so I don't want to change too much."
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Crosby's Kitchen

3445 N. Southport Ave., Chicago, IL