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Umami Burger Owner Eyeing Chicago For His Pizza Concept Too

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800 Degrees in Westwood, CA
800 Degrees in Westwood, CA
Photo: Elizabeth Daniels/Eater LA

The upcoming Umami Burger in Wicker Park is just the beginning of owner Adam Fleischman's plans in Chicago. An Umami Restaurant Group representative says that the California-based empire builder and company are actively scouting "a couple different neighborhoods" for a Chicago location of 800 Degrees, his pizza concept that fires build-your-own Neopolitan pies for 90 seconds in wood-burning ovens. Which neighborhoods those are is under wraps.

The expansion is part of a broad rollout of both Umami concepts, including the Wicker Park location of Umami Burger that was announced less than two weeks ago and is the first of many coming to town. He plans to open 10 more 800 Degrees locations around the country within a year (a New York location was announced in December) and 150 Umami Burgers worldwide in the next five years. Stay tuned to see where in Chicago 800 Degrees ends up.
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