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The Reader: Morimoto "Elevated Japonais to the Very Top of the Food Chain for Raw Fish in Chicago"

The Japonais by Morimoto shochu bar
The Japonais by Morimoto shochu bar
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The Reader's Mike Sula takes a spin around celeb chef Masaharu Morimoto's revamped menu at Japonais and comes away impressed with the food. After a disclaimer about the "irresistible taste of extinction" and some "outlandish, seemingly obnoxious preparations," Sula lauds the sushi as well as Morimoto's signature Japanese fusion.

Highlights: He writes that "you won't find a more luxurious dish of pasta in the city" than the uni carbonara," feels the house-polished rice "makes all the difference in the world" in a few dishes, and calls the coconut fritters "the city's most remarkable doughnut." He describes other dishes as "pristine," "uncommon," and "prepared with precision."

Despite the high price tag, Sula thinks Morimoto "manages not to condescend."
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Japonais by Morimoto

600 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago, IL