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Pizza By The Numbers: Dimo's, Bar Toma, and Ranalli's

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Have you ever wondered how much work goes into having a successful pizza joint? During Pizza Week, we are talking with some of the busier pizzerias in Chicago to find out how much food they go through in a single month or week.


Dimo's, Bar Toma and Ranalli's are all different types of pizza places, but they have one thing in common: They go through a lot of ingredients, whether waffles, burrata, or macaroni noodles. Check out the numbers below, you may be surprised by them.

What Dimo's Pizza goes through in a month:

Pounds of dough: 24000
Pounds of Mozzarella: 7056
Pounds of cheddar: 935
Pounds of tomatoes: 1920
Pounds of sausage: 320
Pounds of chicken: 1595
Linear feet of waffles if laid side by side: 336
Number of slices sold: 29760
Pounds of Macaroni Noodles: 1150
Pounds of BBQ: 660
Pounds of Homemade buttermilk ranch: 767

What Bar Toma goes through in a month:

Pounds of Imported Italian flour: 5,000
Pounds of fior di latte from Wisconsin: 2,400
Gallons of tomato sauce: 300
Pounds of Vermont smoke and cure pepperoni: 400
Cases of burrata: 100
Pounds of housemade pork sausage: 200
Pounds of wheat germ: 100
Pounds of rye flour: 100

What Ranalli's goes through in a week/month:

Pizzas per week: 1200 - 1500
Pizzas per month: 5000

In a week:
Pounds of cheese: 600
Pounds of mushrooms: 160
Pounds of pepperoni: 400
Gallons of sauce: 90
Pounds of sausage: 100
Pounds of green peppers: 200

Pizzas sold in a month:
Chicago Stuffed: 525
Pan Pizza: 350
Thin Crust: 3000
Double Deckers: 200
Gluten Free: 175

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Eater Chicago intern Aimee Gasior contributed to this story.

Bar Toma

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