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LTH Forum Reveals the 2014 Great Neighborhood Restaurants and Resources

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Fat Rice
Fat Rice
Photo: Marc Much

It's time the time of year for LTH Forum to announce its annual inductees to its "Great Neighborhood Restaurants and Resources" list. Each year, members (now more than 13,000) of the premier local food and drink forum can nominate one spot, then members deliberate before coming to a consensus on the year's inductees that are "truly great."

This year's list inducts 14 spots, 13 restaurants and one resource, some well-known and some hidden gems. Read the list of new inductees below and a list of all the great neighborhood restaurants and resources here.

· Bad Wolf Coffee
· Big Guys Sausage Stand
· Boston Fish Market
· Fat Rice
· Homestyle Taste
· Mariscos el Veneno
· Nicky's Hot Dogs
· Psistaria Greek Taverna
· Rainbow Thai Cuisine
· Rand Red Hots
· Sanabel Bakery
· Schoops Hamburgers (Munster location only)
· Uncle Johns Barbecue (Richton Park)
· Ward Eight

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Fat Rice

2957 West Diversey Avenue, , IL 60647 (773) 661-9170 Visit Website