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Calzones at Albano's Pizzeria

One of the city's most notable calzones is the variation over at Albano's Pizzeria. The mom-and-pop restaurant has been serving its famous pizza puff for over two decades. These monstrous puffs come baked or fried, with your choice of ingredients. They're nearly a foot long and the crispy, flakey crusts are stuffed with gooey cheese and sauce.

Albano's has been featured on Chicago's Best and the Travel Channel, along with Serious Eats calling it "The Biggest and Best Pizza Puff in Chicago." So stop into this Cicero institution to see what all the buzz is about. You may never look at calzones the same way again.
· Albano's Pizzeria in Cicero: The Biggest and Best Pizza Puff in Chicago [Serious Eats]
Albano's Pizzeria [Photo: Serious Eats]