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Tribune's Kevin Pang Discovers Food Writer Watch List

Yesterday afternoon the Chicago Tribune's Kevin Pang tweeted a photo of a document that details what to do if a food writer is spotted. The document was tacked on the wall of what Pang only refers to as a "prominent Chicago restaurant." The document lists ways to identify a food writer, what to do once you have identified a guest as one, and the names and publications of 14 "prominent food critics, media & bloggers."

As for those 14 writers, the list is a bit outdated since Michael Nagrant is no longer with the Chicago Sun-Times and Frank Bruni is no longer at the New York Times. In a response to the document's orders to pay special attention to food writers, Jim Graziano of JP Graziano Grocery Company muses, "here's a thought; Treat everyone that walks in the door like they are a food critic."

This list comes to light two weeks after a "secret document" that tracks food writers in Washington D.C. was revealed. Is this a growing trend?
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