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Our Sarah Jessica Parker Q&A; New West Loop Spa; More

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RIVER EAST—Sarah Jessica Parker stopped by Nordstrom last week to promote her new line of SJP shoes and accessories and—lucky us—chat with reporters. Here what the actress has to say about her dream shoe store, the new great American novel, and Hillary Clinton.

WEST LOOP— When the hotly anticipated Soho House hotel opens in the West Loop this summer, it will bring a brand new spa with it. So, why is the chic pampering den known as "Cowshed?" Find out here.

EVERYWHERE— This week, contributor Tori Telfer took on a controversial issue: should Chicago store owners put up signs that forbid shoppers from carrying firearms?

EVERYWHERE—Readers, we need your input. Tell us which local home and furniture stores deserve to be the list of Chicago's 38 best. Your comments could be included in an upcoming story.