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New Lettuce Project Coming to Scoozi Space

Photo: Scoozi

When Scoozi, Lettuce Entertain You's longtime trattoria-style establishment, closes at the end of April, expect a new concept from the heavyweight restaurant group to come next. LEYE is holding onto the space and will replace Scoozi with an undetermined new project.

"We have an idea for what we're doing with the space," Lettuce president and CEO Kevin Brown says. "We have a lot of projects on our plate." Brown says there is no timeframe for a decision or announcement.

Meanwhile, the Tribune quotes Jerrod Melman saying "my brother and I are talking about a project...that's the potential location." Jerrod, R.J., and Molly Melman masterminded Paris Club and Bub City, among others. Stay tuned.
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410 W. Huron, Chicago, IL