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Time Travel Through Mexican History at Retooled Topolobampo

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Photo: Barry Brecheisen

The "stealth renovation" of Topolobampo includes many cosmetic touches: New art, new dishware, a new wine station. But it also includes rotating seven-course tasting menus that will highlight specific periods of Mexican history. The first is a seven-course snapshot of fifteenth century Mexico, titled Mexico City 1491.

Executed by chef de cuisine Andres Padilla, he says in a statement that the menu only uses "ingredients that would have been available before the Spaniards arrived." There are no pork, chicken, or beef products; no wheat or refined sugar; it focuses on wild game and foraged items.

Future tasting menus will include Mexico in 1650, the Mexican Revolution, and modern-day Mexico, Padilla tells Eater National. "You can't have food without the history," he says. "You can't have the history without the food."

An a la carte menu (as well as three and five course prix-fixes) is also available, one that's broken up into eight sections based on flavor profiles rather than the traditional appetizer-entree-dessert format. It's available now, read the full menu below.

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