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Juno to Rise Again as Popup Series Inside Sodikoff's Ramen Space

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Photo: Eater Chicago/Marc Much

There's another reason why High Five Ramen is opening a couple months after Green Street Smoked Meats. That's because Jason Chan and B.K. Park will be using the tiny ramen space in Brendan Sodikoff's multi-room West Loop warehouse to host omakase dinners while Juno is closed to deal with the January 24 fire.

Chan says that when news of the fire spread through the local restaurant community, many restaurateurs reached out to offer help. One of them was Brendan Sodikoff, and the three of them are now hammering out details to keep Juno fresh and on-the-radar until the restaurant reopens, which Chan hopes will be in two months.

Until then, Chan and Park will host multi-course flat-rate omakase dinners a few nights a week in Sodikoff's space. Park will organically create sashimi, sushi, and cooked courses for 8-10 patrons; the space itself holds 15 seats down a winding concrete staircase through Sodikoff's new barbecue spot, which opened last night. Expect the first dinner in a couple weeks.
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Green Street Smoked Meats

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High Five Ramen

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