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Proposed Plan Would Allow Strip Clubs to Serve Liquor

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Chicago strip clubs may soon be able to serve liquor under a new proposed ordinance, the Sun-Times reports. The City Council's Zoning Committee has given the plan, which would allow authorized adult entertainment clubs to sell liquor and offer seminude dancing, a unanimous recommendation. A full council vote is scheduled for next Wednesday.

The plan is also intended to close a loophole that adult bookstores, theaters and late-night bars have been using to convert into strip clubs. Such places would have to apply for a special use permit if the new law is passed. Chicago has fought these establishments for decades but Ald. Edward Burke thinks "a world-class city" should have "realistic kinds of adult entertainment venues" as long as they don't "create a problem in the neighborhood."
· Some Chicago Strip Clubs Could Sell Booze Under Plan Advanced By Aldermen [Sun-Times]
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