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Bloomberg: Expensive Grace is 'Often Interesting, Usually Enjoyable and Sometimes Weird'

Photo: Grace

In a review in Bloomberg, Ryan Sutton is one of the few to level criticism on Curtis Duffy's exalted fine dining spot. Sutton mostly takes aim at the pricing—using a $21 upcharge for tea as the main example—and the fact that Grace "publishes neither its beverage-pairing prices nor its wine list online."

Sutton mostly likes his dishes (but not the course count), saying the Japanese beef dish "might be the steak dish of the century" and that desserts are "thoughtful" but caviar is "ho-hum" and the salad course is a "tiresome ode to Michel Bras's famous composition." He is complimentary of the service, staff, and space, terming the scene "a study in modernized old-school indulgence."

His bottom line: "I wouldn't necessarily return to Grace on my own dime until the course count rises, I'd certainly return on someone else's as part of a client dinner."
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