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Peek Inside Bottlefork, Taking Limited Walk-Ins Tonight

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[Photos: Marc Much]

The long odyssey of Dragon Ranch is finally coming to an end, as Rockit Ranch's new spot, Bottlefork, is about to open in its wake. The post-fire reconstruction has birthed a new buildout and concept, serving Kevin Hickey's (Allium) booze-focused comfort food and bar manager Brandon Phillips' (Drawing Room) interesting libation selection instead of the barbecue and moonshine cocktails.

The narrow space is still cozy: Booths are on one side, a bar on the other, and a few tables look out the front windows, but the long bar mimics the intertwined food and drink concept by combining it into half traditional bar and half food bar in front of an open kitchen. The design feels like Rockit's take on an upgraded yet homey American restaurant and bar, featuring striped cushions, deer heads, and wooden shelves.

Click here to read the opening menus. While you may be able to snag an impromptu table tonight or over the weekend, a better bet is to make a reservation for next week.

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