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What to Eat at Spritz Burger, the Hearty Boys and Gale Gand Revamp, Opening Tomorrow

[Photos: Marc Much]

Whimsical fare and decor are combining at Spritz Burger, the revamped Hearty, which is opening on Valentine's Day, appropriately enough. Owners Steve McDonagh and Dan Smith whittled the burger options down to 13, employing ingredients such as Spam, grey chutney, pepperoni sauce, house-made ketchup, and cheese curds. Eight of the patties are grass fed beef while others are shrimp and scallop, lamb, and chick pea.

The beverage menu is spritz-heavy, as you would imagine, featuring house-made sodas, carbonated takes on classic cocktails, and a malort fizz shot. Celebrated pastry chef Gale Gand (Tru), who joined the reboot, puts her spin on childlike sweets including marshmallow-stuffed devil dogs, Rice Krispie treats, and a root beer float with black and white cookie.

McDonagh and Smith made over the space with sky blues and tongue-in-cheek prints. You can split a spritz with your valentine beginning tomorrow at 5 p.m.

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Spritz Burger

3819 N Broadway St, Chicago, IL 60613 773-868-9866 Visit Website


3819 N Broadway Street, Chicago, IL 60613 773 868 9866