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Logan Hardware Arcade Bar Opening Monday

The second Emporium Arcade Bar isn't the only arcade bar coming to Logan Square. After moving his vintage game and record spot a block, owner Jim Zespy is opening an "arcade with a tavern," Logan Arcade, on Monday, RedEye first reported.

The three-room space features a 12-seat full bar in the front with 20 taps and seven high-tops; there's 85 seats in total. Zespy brought in the bar manager from the neighboring beer bar Quenchers to run the space, which also has a darker middle room and a back room for pinball.

Zespy differentiates Logan Arcade from Emporium and Headquarters Beercade by saying that his spot is an "expanded neighborhood bar" that's "really inclusive" and an arcade first. "We're about preservation," he says. "I love video games and I want a place for people to have a beer and enjoy them."

He's been working on the idea since 2010 and will finally see it open on Monday. A minimum of 45 video games and 25 pinball games will be available; they'll cost their original prices to play.
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[Photo: Foursquare]

Logan Arcade

2410 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL