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Kevin Hickey's The Duck Inn Revives the Sixties in Bridgeport

Take a look around his three-part homecoming oasis.

Set to open tonight, Kevin Hickey's homecoming odyssey is nearing the finish line. The Duck Inn, the longtime chef's long-in-the-works nod to his native Bridgeport, is fully built.

Just across the river from Pilsen, The Duck Inn is a neighborhood oasis among a sea of houses, manufacturing plants and warehouses. The corner building's dark facade leads to the front lounge, flanked by the bar to the right and orange banquette-backed tables to the left. French doors lead to the rear dining room and separate the atmosphere, filled with tables both round and square and a chef's counter attached to the kitchen. A rear door leads to the bi-level backyard (not pictured) which will include extended dining room seating as well as casual patio space in the warm months.

Much of the three-part space looks like it's straight off the set of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" or "Mad Men." Hickey and company subtly fill the rooms with a variety of 1960's-era items and postmodern furniture, including car and cigarette magazine ads, tables and chairs, record players, and shelving. Also expect many duck-themed trinkets and art when The Duck Inn opens to the public very soon.

[Edit note: This story was edited to add the opening date.]