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The Franklin Room Is Chicago's Newest Trendy Sophisticated Throwback Tavern

Look around the new spot from the Union Sushi + Barbecue guys.

Opening Friday, The Franklin Room is joining a ballooning trend of bringing back Chicago's history of neighborhood taverns, but with a classy, expensive, River North-worthy buildout.

Patrons will descend an illuminated staircase into a subterranean world of checkered tile, art deco fixtures and muted gold lighting. Rare whiskeys are displayed in cages and carved busts rest on classic novels. Seating is available on leather banquette-backed tables, small booths, and a long wooden bar.

Read through the food and drink menus here; The Franklin Room opens to the public for lunch on Friday.

The Franklin Room

675 North Franklin Street, , IL 60654 (312) 445-4686 Visit Website