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New App Surfaces to Manage Waits at Casual Restaurants

How is it different than the many other new restaurant apps?

Screenshot: iTunes

Restaurant apps have become big business, as a slew of digital tools have launched in recent months for everything from snagging tough or last-minute reservations at fine dining restaurants to ordering delivery or pickup at casual or fast food joints. But two Chicagoans are hoping to strike gold with an app to help you wait out lines at restaurants that are in between and don't take reservationsDNAinfo reports.

Named NextME, the app is aiming to be easier and/or less costly than pagers or texts for both restaurants and the dining public to manage wait lists and times. Patrons can see their place in line and get updated wait times in addition to being notified by the restaurants when the table is available. It's free to download but a fee may apply, depending on how many times you use it in a month.

NextME is available on iTunes now and is already in use at a handful of local spots. Will it find a permanent place in the crowded restaurant app arena?