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These Restaurants Failed the Most Health Inspections in 2014

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The results may or may not surprise you.

Trinity Bar
Trinity Bar

Tank NoodleNuevo LeonZapatista. These restaurants were all shut down by the Chicago Department of Public Health at one point during 2014, but which restaurants failed the most health inspections and were hit with the highest risk value by the city?

Blogger and University of Chicago grad student Brandon Harris crunched the numbers on the city of Chicago database and what he found may or may not surprise you. Trinity Bar (2721 N. Halsted; also shut down by the DOH in 2014), Taj Mahal (1512 W. Taylor), Hana Restaurant (6803 N. Sheridan), the food truck Fischman's Wagyu Wagon, and Nuevo Leon were the restaurants that failed most often, at four apiece.

Trinity, Taj Mahal, Hana, and Nuevo Leon also amassed the highest risk value, at 12. A slew of Chinatown restaurants, fast food joints and markets are also on the list. Some new and trendy places are there too, although one should take into account that under-construction restaurants that the city deems not ready to open are given a "failing" grade that is often unrelated to food.

Check out the full list and Harris' methods in the link below.