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Behold Franks Meats Patty, Opening Soon Where Hot Doug's Was

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This is what Hot Doug's looks like now.

Doug Sohn's Hot Doug's decorations are gone, replaced with historic Chicago memorabilia. Chicago flag-style trim now lines the walls—with shrimp, burgers and fries instead of stars—where Hot Doug's yellow and red color scheme was just two months ago. The red awning is still there, but a sign picturing a hot dog and hamburger couple now hangs where the iconic Hot Doug's sign lived for nearly a decade.

Hot Doug's is gone, and Frank Meats Patty is almost ready to open on California and Roscoe.

The inside of the new restaurant from the folks behind Fatso's Last Stand is laid out similarly to Hot Doug's and should help ease the pain for those mourning the loss of the encased meat emporium. The front counter, tables and chairs, stools and the kitchen are in similar places, but it looks a little different and is run by different people. The fast-casual Chicago-style burger and hot dog joint will serve similar menu items to Fatso's, including its off-menu shrimp po' boys, and with the addition of game burgers.

Doug Sohn won't be behind the counter when it opens very soon, but other friendly faces will serve you at California and Roscoe.

Hot Doug's

3324 North California Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618 Visit Website