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Alliance Patisserie Serving French Pastry Classics To River North Beginning Saturday

Owner Peter Rios' patisserie is aimed at the growing tastes of sophisticated, discerning diners.

Alliance Patisserie
Alliance Patisserie
Ashok Selvam

Originally slated for a November launch, Peter Rios' Alliance Patisserie is set to open tomorrow Saturday, December 13 in the former Grahamwich space at 615 N. State.

The location is a spin-off of Rios' Alliance Bakery in Wicker Park, which features items Americans know and love (cupcakes, cookies). However, the River North location will focus more on classic French sweets for a more discerning clientele, one that Rios believes is on the rise.

Alliance Patisserie will feature seating for twenty, a full espresso bar and Bowtruss coffee. Rios is shooting for more sophisticated, European-inspired desserts, including unique flavors for macarons and eclairs, as well as his take on the infamous "cronut."

Using techniques he learned in France, Rios will bust out classics such as petits gateaux (a cake/plated dessert hybrid), tarts, entremets and viennoiserie (various styles of croissants, including a ham and cheese offering). The patisserie also plans to serve salads and sandwiches.

Hours of operation for Alliance Patisserie are 7:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily.