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Bow Truss Coffee Roasters With Coffee Flights Heading to the Loop

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Yes, coffee flights. Look for it in the spring.

Future site of Bow Truss Loop
Future site of Bow Truss Loop

Office workers, students and tourists in the Loop will soon have another coffee option besides Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks. A Bow Truss Coffee Roasters is heading to Michigan Avenue and Jackson Boulevard, as Phil Tadros just signed a lease inside the landmarked Metropolitan Tower.

The under-1,000-square-foot coffee shop will be similar to the other locations: it'll focus on the artisan house-roasted beans and not wifi. 20 seats will be available if you want to stay awhile, while coffee flights and a special "Beehive" blend will be unique to the location. The target opening date is six months from today.

This will be the fourth Bow Truss location after the Lakeview, River North and Pilsen outposts, and don't be surprised to see even more pop up soon.