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Four Hours After Opening, Tribune's Pang Reviews Chicago's First Shake Shack

His first-day takes on the restaurant include calling one item "best in class" and another a "clunker."

Shake Shack on Opening Day
Shake Shack on Opening Day
Eater Chicago

Chicago burger enthusiasts endured a two-year wait for their first Shake Shack, but didn't have to wait much longer than four hours for its major first review. The Tribune's Kevin Pang weighed in on its burgers, fries, dogs and shakes the same day it opened, mixing his takes on the food and drink amidst reporting the news.

Pang exults the "SmokeShack Burger" as "easily best in class within a mile radius" but calls the crinkle cut fries a "clunker." He opines that the Publican sausage "was a bit dense for my liking," enjoys the "Shack-cago Dog" well enough but prefers Portillo's, and says the "Shack Attack" concrete has "enough variants of chocolate (five!) to make a dessert fetishist's toes curl."

Shake Shack

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