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Bullhead Cantina Owner Shutters Humboldt Park Gastropub

Hunter & Tails called it quits on Saturday.

Hunter & Tails

There may be a lot of new restaurants and bars heading to Humboldt Park, but one that opened nearly a year ago to the day closed after service on Saturday.

Hunter & Tails, the bi-level gastropub from Bullhead Cantina owner Francisco "Paco" Ruiz, is shuttered. Ruiz made the following announcement on Halloween via the restaurant's Facebook page:

Hi everybody! Well it looks like we've reached our end. We would like to thank everyone that has supported us and kept coming back for the good food good drink and good people, it's been amazing having you all as friends.
If you're not busy for the Halloween weekend, come see us off tonight and Saturday for cheap eats and good drinks!!!!!!

Hunter & Tails was a different direction fir Ruiz, who hoped it would be the impetus to make him a "pioneer of Humboldt Park." It had a wide whiskey and cocktail selection, craft beer, interesting menu items, and an ampersand.

Ruiz hasn't responded yet to inquiries. There's no word what's coming to the space next.