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Corned Beef Factory Sandwich Shop Coming Soon to Meatpacking District

A limited sandwich menu awaits this deli-style carry-out shop.

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The Fulton Market meatpacking district will soon see a sandwich shop from a company with an expertise in meat, Crain's reports. The Corned Beef Factory Sandwich Shop (1009 W. Lake Street) from Crown Corned Beef & Foods Inc. (which is right behind the shop) will focus on carry-out orders, feature counter seating and resemble a deli inside.

A limited menu of four sandwiches, chips (made in-house) and soda should keep service moving briskly. The planned sandwiches are corned beef, pastrami, Italian beef, as well as a hot dog. Owners haven't made a decision if the sandwich shop will only be open for lunch hours or will open earlier to accommodate commuters and wholesale clients.

No opening date is known at this time. Stay tuned for more information.