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With Three Planned Projects, John Manion and Mark Steuer Team Up as Viva La Rev

Viva La Rev has three planned projects, the first is aiming for a summer 2015 opening.

LoopNet / Timothy Hiatt

The upcoming West Loop project from John Manion (La Sirena Clandestina) will also include former Carriage House chef Mark Steuer, according to Chicago Magazine. The pair have formed a new restaurant group and are working on a total of three projects.

Though the name is not known and dishes are still in development for the project on Washington, Steuer says that the food will be inspired and influenced by Brazil and Argentina. But purists beware: the duo won't be beholden to menu preconceptions and no one should expect a churrascaria.

Steuer left the Wicker Park Southern restaurant last July, joining Manion's team not long after, finding solace in working the grill. His original plan was to work until he found financing for his own place, but soon realized that partnering up with Manion, who he's been friends with for some time, made more sense.

He calls the forthcoming projects a "team effort" and is very excited for the future. That team also has a name: Viva La Rev. The first one may be Manion's concept, but Steuer says "we're going to do it together." Construction is close to beginning and they are aiming to open next summer.

For his part, Steuer has three concepts he's working on for the company's third restaurant, emphasizing that finding the right space will determine which one they go with. For now, those concepts are staying under lock and key. Look for more on what Viva La Rev is working on as news develops.

UPDATE: Viva La Rev predates Steuer's involvement, having formed even before La Sirena Clandestina opened.