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Watch a Home Cook's Five-Year Journey to Recreate Every Dish in the Alinea Cookbook

"Allen & Alinea" documents Allen Hemberger learning and cooking 107 Alinea dishes, which will also become a book.

Screenshot via "Allen & Alinea"

On the day that the Michelin Guide revealed its 2015 stars for Chicago, it's nice to be reminded of what goes into creating the dishes that earned those restaurants that honor. A determined and emotional home cook named Allen Hemberger undertook a project to proficiently recreate all 107 dishes in the Alinea cookbook—which took him five years—and will be the focus of his upcoming book The Alinea Project (which you may remember) and is now documented in the short film "Allen & Alinea."

Below, take a look at what he went through in five years of cooking the dishes and documenting his journey, including an unexpected meeting with Grant Achatz, who once again retained three Michelin stars today for Alinea.


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