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This is What Wicker Park's Tijuana Food Truck-Turned-Restaurant Looks Like

There's lots of wood and bright colors—and lots of seafood tacos.

Wicker Park is just two days away from getting another taco spot. But Kokopelli, the Mexican mini-chain opening its first north-of-the-border location in the former Between Peruvian Cafe and Lounge at 1324 N. Milwaukee Ave., hopes to stand out with seafood-centric dishes that originated on a food truck in Mexico.

When you step inside this Mexican newcomer you'll see lots of wood, exposed brick, and brightly-colored banquettes, dishware, and large red mural of a squid. There's plenty of two- and four-top tables among the 90 seats, as well as a bar and a long high-top in the rear for larger parties opposite said squid mural.

The food menu is full of Mexican street food items: 12 types of tacos, many filled with seafood (3 for $12); three ceviches; mini tortas (2 for $9); as well as selections of guacamole, salsas, and other starters. Read it below, although the cocktail menu wasn't available at press time.

Will Kokopelli stand out among heavyweights like Big Star, Rick Bayless and Antique Taco in Wicker Park? Stop by on Thursday and find out for yourself.