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New Michael Taus Restaurant's Name Solidifies 'Back to Basics' Concept

It'll be authentic.

Taus Authentic Rendering
Taus Authentic Rendering
Taus Authentic

If you weren't sure that former Zealous proprietor Michael Tausforthcoming restaurant would mark a return to the chef's roots, the name of said restaurant will solidify that. Expecting to open early next year in the former Prasino Wicker Park space, the Charlie Trotter protege has named the restaurant Taus Authentic, which is a nod to family members that influenced him as well as how the restaurant will feature his return to "back to basics" cooking.

Was his previous cooking not authentic? Regardless, eaters near the Division Street strip can look forward to a new, casual restaurant run by an owner that's a polished chef with more than 20 years of experience in well-regarded Chicago kitchens. And from the looks of the early rendering, the design will be more understated than Prasino.

Stay tuned for more details on the food and vibe when they become available.