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Eater Cocktails: Robby Haynes' Bananerac at Analogue

The Analogue partner creates a banana sazerac for a special Cocktail Week concoction.

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Analogue partner Robby Haynes, formerly of The Violet Hour, is no stranger to getting creative with his cocktail recipes. So when he signed on to create a special drink for Eater's third annual Cocktail Week, Haynes used two inspirational moments to dig out a twist on a sazerac, injecting banana to meld with Analogue's New Orleans-style theme.

It began when Haynes tried a banana Manhattan at New Orleans restaurant Cane & Table. Soon after, he had a shot of three-day banana-infused bourbon at The Owl, and the idea of the "Bananerac" was born.

Haynes begins the drink by infusing Batavia Arrack and Pierre Ferrand 1840 cognac with banana for 48 hours. He stirs a few ounces of that with demerara syrup, Peychaud's bitters, and Letherbee Barrel Aged Absinthe Brun.

The cocktail is served down for just $10 all week at Analogue.


2523 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Il 60647