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Dive Bar Power Hour: Richard's Bar

Thank You for Smoking: RIchard's is a dive haven for smokers.

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Richard's is a dive bar in every sense of the word. The rules don't apply here as patrons and bartenders alike smoke away and cigarettes are sold. Non-smokers may want to steer clear but if you do take the plunge inside, you'll be greeted by neon signs, photos of mobsters on the walls and a jukebox filled with classic hits. The place is Italian to the core-from the green, white and red-painted front of the building to the older bartenders dressed in button-downs-but you'll never feel out-of-place. You won't find any beers on tap (bottles and cans only) but there is something no other spot in town offers: 75-cent hard-boiled eggs so you can load up on protein in addition to carbs.

Richard's Bar

491 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60610 (312) 733-2251