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Chicago Food Museum Could Open in 2017

Location-less Foodseum currently in fundraising stage.

Chicago Foodseum

Chicago isn't only waiting for its "Star Wars" museum, because there's also a food museum in the works. Though they haven't figured out where they'll build it, details for the Chicago Foodseuman interactive food museum—are slowly coming together.

Organizers envision a space with exhibits trumpeting the history of the Chicago-style hot dog and other city staples—and a 2017 opening—Time Out Chicago reports. Foodseum executive director Kyle Joseph has said the museum will rotate four to 10 exhibits covering topics including food trucks, chocolate and edible flowers. There would also be a test kitchen for events, Joseph, who has experience with startups, told DNAInfo earlier this year.

It's currently only in the fundraising stage however, as events, including a $100 per plate fundraiser on Nov. 11 at the Chopping Block, are on the books. Joseph also plans pop-up exhibits for next year to give the public a taste of what to expect.

—Ashok Selvam