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Charles Joly Leaving The Aviary at End of Month

The "world's best" bartender is moving on.

Joly winning World Class Bartender of the Year
Joly winning World Class Bartender of the Year

The world's best bartender (according the Diagio World Class Competition) is exiting the 13th best bar in the world (according to Drinks International). Charles Joly's last day at The Aviary will be Halloween, according to a press release from Nick Kokonas. Micah Melton, who has been at the Alinea team's progressive cocktail bar since the beginning, will take over.

Joly, who came to The Aviary from the Drawing Room in June 2012 and launched his own line of bottled cocktail last year (Crafthouse Cocktails), will pursue "travel, consulting, continuing education and entrepreneurship," the release states. "I think it's a natural progression for that profession and the level he's achieved," Kokonas writes, "and I'm sure we will do events and such with him in the future."

You have until the end of the month to catch Joly at The Aviary—who knows when you'll see him working at a bar next.

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