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Minibar Owner Plans Rum-Soaked Nautical Fantasyland at Dive Bar

Get ready to "take a journey on a ship" in Boystown.

How many nods to the ocean, boats, and beaches can one concept hold? If you're the forthcoming Dive Bar, from the people behind Minibar and mEAT, the answer apparently is "there can never be too many."

Slated for a late November opening in Boystown (3445 N. Halsted), every tiny detail at Dive Bar will revolve around a nautical theme. Rum (owner John Dalton says it will house "one of the biggest selections of rum in Chicago"), tropical cocktails and frozen drinks will highlight the bar program. The food, which switched gears from a planned focus on fish fry, will feature surf and turf dishes in small and large plates, including Buffalo blue cheese fried oysters and parmesan and baby shrimp-crusted yellowtail snapper.

The space and design is where the ocean theme goes overboard. Broken into three parts, Dalton says it's meant to "take you on a journey on a ship." The front will be a dive bar theme ("like a dock") that will serve cheap drinks—including $4 cocktails—and a late-night menu. Behind that will be the specialty rum bar ("the galley") complete with shipping containers, and a private dining room will live in the rear ("the captain's dining room"). The space holds 50 seats.

Will Dive Bar make patrons want to walk the plank? Check back in late November to find out.