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La Storia to Mix Old Italian With New in Former Gold Coast Home

Chef Justin Ferguson aims to present a broad scope of Italy in time for a December opening.

Ideology Entertainment

La Storia, a new Italian restaurant concept from Ideology Entertainment (Blue Door Farm Stand, Chicago q), is coming together in the Gold Coast. Headed up by Ideology's executive chef Justin FergusonLa Storia, which will represent Italy under one homey roof, is aiming to open no later than early December.

"Originally we were going to just be a Northern Italian restaurant, but then I started thinking that I really love a lot of stuff from Sicily, from Umbria, from the Piedmont region. So it's become a broad scope of what Italy is," Ferguson says.

Ideology's Fred Latsko owns the building, which was built in 1896 and sits between two of the group's other properties, one of which is Chicago q. Before the decision to turn it into a restaurant, the space held apartments, and was originally a single family home.

As for the menu, no concrete details have emerged yet, but Ferguson plans on making everything in-house from local purveyors. He will be importing such items as balsamic vinegar, olive oil and 600-day prosciutto from Italy, but other than that, everything is as fresh and local as possible.

The Louisiana native explains what will set La Storia apart from the crowd. "We're approachable and I know how I'm going to price (the menu) and I know that you're going to want to come here two times a week. Not just once every six months, that's the last thing I want."

Expect old and new school Italian cuisine with some nods to Italian-American classics (meatballs with red sauce will make an appearance in some way). "We're going to try and stay on items that aren't traditional and make them traditional," Ferguson states.

Look for more on La Storia in the coming weeks.